Monday, July 18, 2011

No Pagod @ Pagudpud

Location: Brgy. Saud, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
Aka: Boracay of the North

What does you feel after an 11 hours of bus ride? An 11 hours of sitting on a comfortable and very cold bus, listening on your iPod, looking at the window, always checking the map to check if you are near to your destination, and sleepless trip because of excitement. tired isn't it?

That was happened to me during our tour in Ilocos Norte.

On the way to Pagudpud we had 3 stop-overs, somewhere in Pangasinan, in La Union and in Laoag City. Each stop-over had their own memory.

Stop-Over in Pangasinan reminds me of this shot. Me while laying down on Diversion Road in Pangasinan. Thanks to Jhefferson Lomibao for this shot.

         La Union stop-over is unforgettable not for me, but for my friend Mark Aldrich Tuazon.. A perfect example of "Shit Happens" (Nabinyagan nya yung CR sa Jolibee La Union Branch hehehehh i hope he's not reading this) 

  (Oil price in La Union, September 22, 2010)

              We arrived at 10:30am our last stop-over  in Laoag City. In the Bird's Nest Restaurant at Java Hotel for our breakfast or i should say brunch.

            After 2 hours after we leave Laoag City, at last we've reached our destination. We are at the tip of Luzon Island. Yehey :)

Me and my friends checked in at Villa del Mar Resort which I can say that one of the best located resort there in Saud.  There are a lot of resort there and luckily we've got the best room which was in the beach front.

             We've take a shower then proceed to the function hall of the resort for for our lunch and I had a chance to try a Vigan Longganisa for the first time. After our lunch we are advised to prepare because we are going to Kabigan Falls(That's another story)

At the beach what we do?Picture Picture,

                More Picture, Picture

              We played in the sand like kids do in the beach. And we are the only group who do that.  we keep playing until the sun sets.

        Before the night was over one of the tour operator talked to me and said that I need to wake up early tomorrow. I asked him why?. And he answered "you'll find out of you wake up early".
      I woke up early the following day. Still a little bit tired from the activities of the previous day. I was surprised when i saw Jomel already awake at 5:00 am. Jomel and I decided to take a wake on the seashore.
     While walking, I then realized why the tour coordinator told me to wake up early.  The sunrise in Pagudpud. It was so beautiful and that's the day i appreciate the beauty of the sunrise. As you can see in some of the photos the color of the sky were pink unlike the usual yellowish or blue.

               After a while one of the tour coordinator called our attention for our breakfast. And they advised us that we need to pack our thing for our next destination. But before we leave the Pagudpud i went to the seashore to buy some pasalubongs for my friends and i bought this 

which were only cost 10 pesos each.


              After the travel from Manila, we still have the energy to enjoy our stay in Pagudpud. Going  outside the polluted and stressful  city were really relaxing.
             Our stay in Pagudpud was over and we are going to our next destination which was Bagui windmills. Another memories and experience that we gathered, and there's more to come. :)
             But what happened to my friend Jomel on that night??

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