Monday, August 29, 2011

Look up in the hill its a house, Oh its Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

Location: Burgos , Ilocos Norte

          Said to be the tallest lighthouse in the Philippines, the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse stands on the top of the hill in Burgos which is 119 meters above the sea level.

         We have 2 options to reach the top of lighthouse. First is a tricycle ride and the other would me the form of transportation that i love the most............Walking.

             We took around 15 minutes of walking before we reached the top of the hill(it realy burns a lot of fats in my body:).

           The lighthouse still sends signals to the ships that are passing in the cape facing the west Philippine Sea. It was Built in 1887 and today it is powered by the solar panel cells.

            After more than a century the lighthouse were now protected by the National Historical Commission.

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