Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baluarte: Chavit's Passion = People's Treasure

Location: Ilocos Sur

                       Aside from being a politician, we all know that Governor Chavit  Singson is an animal lover. And his way to showcase his animal  collections was to built an interactive zoo a few meters away from his  house, and they called it BALUARTE.

                    Upon entering at the vicinity, I'm sure that you didn't want to miss  to take photos with the different bird collections of the zoo. The  amazing part of this, is the birds are not inside a cage. So you can  touch them, put them in your head/shoulder etc.

Chavit Singson's Residence

Photo by Mark Aldrich Tuazon

Tiburin - A mini horse that pulls a small carriage.
                    The butterfly garden showcases the different species of butterflies.

                      The live animal show allows the visitors to have an interaction with  some of their exotic animals. This short program is conducted by the  knowledgeable staffs of Baluarte to give facts and infos about the  animals they presents.

                    Visiting Baluarte will not be complete is you miss to take your photos  with Mr. Chavit's tiger. Personally, I think that this is the  highlight of my visit here. Of course I'm affraid to go beside  that  animal because damn, it's a very huge cat.

                Maybe some of you are curious "why did I name this blog entry BALUARTE: Chavit's Passion = People's Treasure?" Here's why, because the admission, interaction with animals, ride at  tiburin, live animal show, the service of the staff, experience and  knowledge of the people will get upon visiting Baluarte is FREE!

                According to his website, he's doing this because of his social responsibility to the people.

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  1. astig ang tiger. saya siguro kung meron ganyan sa bahay. buti na lang at libre lang diyan sa baluarte. serbisyo publiko