Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meet my Travel Buddies

Photo by Divine Gonato.
            Every traveler has a story to share and experience gained in every. In  our travels, we have different perspective and story to the place we've visited. Yes, sharing a story about the place through our words is not enough to share our experience and but I believe that it would be much better through the help of our photographs.

                  Personally, I don't go out and explore without a camera on my bag. Whether  I'm just walking at Roxas boulevard, attending a mass in Paco Park and even in Job Hunting, I bring my camera. In short, my camera  is my travel buddy.

                  Why do I bring my camera every time? To capture the scene on where am I.  I know that I'm not a good writer/blogger (so far), but photos I captured helps me to share and communicate my thoughts and experience  to you.
                  So these are the stories with my travel buddies.
            Angela (Sony Cybershot DSC-T10)       

                  Meet Angela. I got it as a graduation gift in high-school from my mother.  I had a lot of travels with this camera before it was broken last 2009(my mom still doesn't know that this camera is broken, i'm sure she'll be mad is she finds out). We've been to Gardenia Bakery in  Laguna, Mystical and Calinawan Cave, Daranak Falls in Rizal, Intramuros, MV Doulos, Paradizoo and Gourmet Farm in Tagaytay, Tita Cory's Funeral and the most memorable of them all was our trekking at  Taal Volcano.

                During that time the memory stick was so expensive, so I'm stuck using the 256 mb memory card.

              It's hard for me to accept that this camera is not functioning anymore. Because this is my 1st camera but the memories it was captured was so priceless.

Gardenia Bakery in Laguna

Fort Santiago
Calinawan Cave, Rizal
MV Doulos

Gourmet Farm, Tagaytay

Mystical Cave, Rizal

Taal Volcano

            Basha ( Sony Cybershot DSC-W350)

           I can't live without a camera. So, I earned money with a little bit of kickbacks from my parents , September of last year I bought this camera. During that time I really need to have one, to capture some of  the last moments of my life as a student.

              This one who is always in my bag most of the time. Unlike the DSC-T10,  this camera supports the inexpensive SD card. So I can take a lot of  Hi-Res photos and videos.

              This camera was with me when I watched the International Kite boarding Competition in Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte and hiking at 
some mountains in Paracale.
The Town of Paracale


            And lastly, meet Camilla (Nikon D-5000)


               Another graduation gift from my mom.

            This camera was with me when I conquer Calaguas Island and that was a  challenge for this camera. Before he trip to Calaguas Island I'm worried because there are no electricity on the island I have doubt if the battery life of this camera makes it up to the end of the trip. Luckily, this camera didn't failed me. I took a lot of photos and some  videos and still It has 2 bars left on the battery. One of the travelers problem was the battery life of their camera but my D5000  
survived for 2 days.

             So they are my 3 travel buddies and their stories. It doesn't matter what camera you owned, it's in the memories/adventures you experienced and captured with them.

            Go outside and explore, don't forget your camera :)

             "you'll never know when a great shot might happen, so always bring your camera with you. The best travel photos come at unexpected  moments - Nigel Barker"

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