Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Once upon a time in Fort Ilocandia

Location: Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

                 After 2 days and 2 nights of travel, sight-seeing, trekking, picture-taking, horse-playing and non-stop fun, the last night of our tour was spent in Fort Ilocandia.

                 This hotel were managed by Fontana Leisure Parks, and it is the only 5-star hotel in northern Luzon. They have 280 deluxe rooms, tennis court, a mini zoo, an Olympic size swimming pool to name a few.

                 One thing that i love in Fort Ilocandia is the food. A lot of food. Most of them are local Ilocano food and the ingredient of the food they served are fresh form Baguio. I cant remember the food names but while im at the banquet area i feel and remember the time when i dine in Dad's in edsa. Maybe because of the food and the ambiance of the place.

                   After dining i heard a man playing a piano and he caught my attention. So, i went outside to find out who's that man. Then after a while me and my friends request to the man to play a song and after that i talked to him and then he said that he's been playing Piano in fort Ilocandia for 14 years. Too bad, i didn't recall the man's name.

The Piano Guy :)
                      The rooms that we've checked in was nice, spacious and a lot of amenities. But there's one thing  that i don't like, the TV channels which the majority of them are channels from China, or maybe Taiwan or Hong Kong. And there's another thing..... the wi-fi connection is "NOT FREE".

                     But on the other hand, we are not there to watch tv and update our status on Facebook. so, me and my friends decided to sight seeing......in the swimming pool.

                      Night swimming? Baka sipunin kami? Nope, i was also ashocke because at 9pm the water on the pool is a little bit warm. Thanks to the technology and to the gadget they called "heater".

Photos by Nirvana Tours.

Photos by Nirvana Tours.

Photos by Nirvana Tours.

                 The night is over and i decided to woke up early next day. An my friend Jheff decided to take a walk with me. I noticed that there's a hot air balloon flying at the back of the ATV track. I thought that at last i can experience to ride the hot air balloon. But sadly, the ride cost P2,000. Ok I'll just take a picture of it.

Kids Please dont do this.

                  We ate our breakfast, Pack our bags, checked out and preparing to go to next destination. 

                    It's hard to leave a place like this. But in a way the experience and memories i gain with my friends are to most important thing that happened here.

                           Off to BALUARTE :)

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