Saturday, September 17, 2011

A short talk with Sir Caloy.

             Last Thursday I was at Dispatch Travel X Thursday event at Cubao Expo. And I've met a lot of travel bloggers(thanks to kuya Dong for  introducing me to them).

                          And then during that event a guy was introduced by one of the host, Caloy Libosada. That name catches my attention. Then after he talked I  approached him to ask something or should I say for an ambush  
interview :).

           Kev: "Sir goodevening, kayo po ba si Mr. Carlos M. Libosada?"

          Sir Caloy: " wow complete name talaga ah, oo  that's me"

         Kev: "kasi may book po ako na sinulat nyo, yung Ecotourism in the  Philippines"

         Sir Caloy: "An tagal na bung book na yun ah. It was published 1998 pa. Around 5 years ko ginawa yung libro na yun"

         Kev: "ang tagal na po pala. Nagamit ko po yun sa mga research at projects ko sa school"

        Sir Caloy: "Ano ba Course mo?"

         Kev: "BsTourism po sa Lyceum"

         Sir Caloy: "nice!"

          And then one of the organizer talked to him and said they will take their group picture. But before he leaves, he shakes my hand and said  "thank you" I replied "nice meeting you sir"

             Mr. Libosada is a faculty member in UP Asian Institute of Tourism, author of tourism related books like my Eco tourism in the Philippines  and Domestic Tourism(a college textbook). He is also one of the  associate editor of Dispatch Magazine.

                Thanks to this event, I met people with interest in travel just like me. A piece of advice, don't be afraid to go on events even if you  are alone, make friends and share experience to them. :)

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