Thursday, September 01, 2011

Why do i so excited in The 22nd Philippine Travel Mart?

                   Being a tourism student is quiet an amazing experience, you will learn about the world, its culture, tradition, and its tourist attraction as a destination. Of course my favorite subject was domestic tourism. My professor on that subject was Mr. Tony Gamboa which is i can say that a very passionate on teaching that subject.

                    But i discovered that i cannot only learn from my professors PowerPoint presentation, those emailed handouts and  overpriced domestic tourism books, i need to learn from the people who experienced and honest about a certain destination that they've visited. I want to know what's in that place?, Why do they love it? and Is it expensive going there? 

                 And one day me and my friend Ralph decided to the 21st Philippine Travel Mart in SM Megamall.  one approached me and say "kuya pasok ka po sa loob may contest". Whose that girl????? i hope she still remembers me. she's Ms Christine Fernandez from ROX. 

                We sat down and listened to the speech of a travel blogger (who is according to my friend Ralph looks like one of the boxing analyst of Manny Pacquiao's fight) about  "Pushing Boundaries: Adventure Travel in the Philippines". and then he asks questions " How many are the islands in hundred islands in Pangasinan etc." and then i guess that i have to answer one of his questions because im a little bit curious on what's inside of the brown bag from ROX.?
                And then he asked " Give me 2 places here in the Philippines that have a zip line". Yes, with a lot of confidence i raised my hand. He calls me and when i hold the mic "bigla akong nablangko sh#t". And then the confidence turned to unconfidence?(UNCONFIDENCE a word that opposite to CONFIDENCE) I answered Tagaytay (paused, thinking) and then Palawan. Then i realized that there is no zip line in Palawan during that time(but earlier this year i watched in the news that they opened a zipline in Puerto Princesa). 

              After the speech i wait there for a while waiting for another program then i saw the the guy from the speech earlier talking with his friends. One of his friend asked me if i can take o photo of them, and then i said yes. Ms. Christine talked to me and said "punta ka sa booth ng ROX may ibibigay ako sayo".
             At the ROX booth the boxing analyst looking guy and his friends was also there checking some products. I forgot how i approached and talked to them but we talked about an island that they've visited  in my province which is the Calaguas Island. shame on me, that's in my province but i never been there. And then i knew that they are blogger Kuya Dong ( and Ate Gael (

              They are my inspiration of what am i doing today, travel blogging. I travelled with kuya Dong once in Calaguas Island and in Calaguas i met more friends with a passion for travel. And it all started on the 21st Philippine Travel Mart.

               So, why am i so excited? To meet new friends, inspiration, and knowledge that i can share through my words :)


  1. Congrats sa bagong blog Kevin! :) Nakakatouch naman to. :)

  2. welcome to the blogging world Kev. hahaha... di ko malimutan yung panahon na yon. Gulat nga ako na taga Paracale kayo.

    kakatuwa na kahit papaano naging impluwensiya din ako sa pagiging travel blogger mo. keep it up. samahan kita kung minsan sa mga byahe. itutuloy natin yung talim island pero baka end of Sept or Oct na.