Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do you know Where's Tony?

             Anthony James Bueno aka ToniTony, a dj, a commercial model, and now a travel show host(my dream jobs).

                 Where's Tony is a 30 minutes travel show that features the the different places, activities, food, and more about our country, the Philippines. Let's watch dj ToniTony as he takes the challenge of every destination that he'll going to explore.

                 I think that this is the Filipino version of TLC's travel show, Invite Mr. Wright.

                Where's tony will be aired at studio 23 on 24 at 11:30 pm.


  1. pumunta ka pala. nagkaita kayo ni Tine?

  2. Hindi kuya dong...napanood ko lang to sa youtube. :)

  3. Kevin!!!! Sayang, sana pumunta ka..naghahanap nga ako ng kasama. hehe

  4. Nakita ko olang po kasi to sa post mo eh. kaya ginwan ko na nang entry :)