Monday, October 31, 2011

I say Hello Paracale

My trip ticket
                 "There's no place like home" I know :).  I was raised in the small town of Paracale, Camarines Norte, where i gained a lot of memories, where my life is simple, stress-free from the busy city, have a lot of friends in every streets, and most importantly, money is not really a necessity.

                  After i graduated i spent a lot of my time looking fora job in Manila, but after a lot of failures and frustrations, i always wanted to go back here to unwind, relax, and for soul restoration.

                  When I was hired for a job, i spent my time living once again in  Manila. Everyday i face the challenges of riding the MRT during rush hours, the pressure to do a good job, and thinking of some personal matters.

               And then this long weekend came, and spending the long weekend in Paracale was my one and only option.

               Thursday, Because a lot of people are going to their own  province for the vacation, i was not able to got a seat reservation in Superlines going to Paracale for Saturday trip. Luckily, i made an effort to go to Philtranco terminal in Pasay and i've got my reservation :).

                Saturday, at the terminal, i arrived at 7:30 pm, 45 minutes ahead before the departure time, i heard from the other passengers that some of the trips were delayed. Waiting for a while i noticed a vendo machine which sells a condom and a lubricant in the passenger waiting area. I'm so annoyed, because why do they sell a condom and a lube in the public area, specially in the bus station.

                      The bus leaves at 8:05 pm, a little bit early from the scheduled time. No traffic on the highway. Smooth sailing. Sleep, zzzzzzzzzz.

                     We arrived at Daet terminal around 5:00am, too early for me because i'm not sure if it is too early for me to catch the first trip of the bus going to Paracale. I tried to sleep on the  bus terminal, but i just decided to take a walk going to bus terminal to Paracale, to see how Daet looks-like when the streets are quiet, unlike the busy surrounding which i always saw every time i go there.

             15 minutes of walking passed by and a reached the bus terminal going to Paracale. And while waiting for the bus to leave i read a Nicholas sparks novel "The Best of me"

              While on the road i can feel the excitement to see and feel the life of being there. The panoramic view of the rice fields, the farmers riding on their carabao, the winds blowing on my face, i can feel land tell to my self that i'm home :)

                 I had a lot of things to do, people to meet once again, and stories to be heard, and my vacation were just about to start :)

                  (Sorry for the low Res photos, i only used my mobile phone)

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