Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dark Days of My Travel, Photography and Blogging.

           A new milestone in my life were just begun. I am now connected as a reservations officer in one of the respected tour operator in the industry. But being a reservations officer was a very challenging role to fit in. I need to coordinate to all the key persons in the field to make every tour successful, most of the time i need to book hotels and plant visits that are included in our itinerary.

           And because of that i need to spend a lot of time in the office from Monday to Saturday, which is why i only have Sunday to unwind, relax, and if possible to travel or to practice my photography skills. And the worst,  I missed Experience Batad by Dong Ho. 

          Luckily, there is someone who's willing to spend time with me on Sundays, and I thank her for being nice, even though im a boring person she's still there.

          And then i decided to quit my job, soon.

         Because im not happy anymore on what am i doing. I want to interact, to exchange thoughts, to listen to learn from others. I want to hear their feedbacks from the person whose im working for.

         I want to enjoy life while im still young. That's why im quitting.

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