Saturday, December 31, 2011

Explore CamNorte: The road to Binuan Falls.

                 The first destination on my long and exciting road to explore the hidden beauty of Camarines Norte starts at Labo, Camarines Norte. Located at Brgy. Daguit,14 kilometers away from the town center, lies the Binuan Falls.

                 Thanks to my friend Nikki Vasquez for suggesting and giving lot's of information about this one of the few falls scattered around CamNorte .

                  Reaching the Binuan Falls is not so difficult(if you are from CamNorte) like i expected. From Paracale(my hometown), its was just around an hour bus ride gong to Talobatib, Labo Camarines Norte. Then another 10 minutes bus ride going to the brgy. Daguit.

                We start our trek from the brgy. hall of Daguit, it also serves as a landmark that i need to get off at the bus.

                    We crossed highway (Maharlika Highway), bridges, rice fields and small rivers and then after around 20 minutes of trekking we've reached the falls.

                     Around 40-50 meters high, i didn't expect that this falls was so fascinating, even-though i expect a lot something new and amazing about this falls, still, i am so amazed.  Because only a few people knows about this falls, the surrounding were so clean and the only garbage i saw was the fallen leaves and branches from the trees.

                   Of course, im not there to just shoot some photos. 

Freezing :)
                  Because of our curiosity, we climbed up around 400 feet to explore whats on the top of this falls and this photos shows you what we've find out.

That's my friend Bojangles

               Due to safety purposes i decided not to go to the summit of the falls. We've stayed for a while, sight-seeing, and then pack up for the next destination.

              Yes, it was just an easy trek for us but still there's a lot of challenges that we've encountered such as, slippery trails and lot 's of insects/mosquitos, don't forget to bring and apply insect repellant for protection. 

              Me and my friend Bojang is tired but a lot of energy left for more adventure.



  1. Thanks :) Happy New Year Everyone :)

  2. ayos sa planking ah. hahaha...napanood ko kanina sa gmanewstv yung tungkol sa documentary sa paracale.

  3. ayos tong falls na to.. pwedeng side trip..

  4. wow ang saya naman . wish ko lang makapag planking din ako sa waterfalls haha

  5. gusto ko yung planking. pwedeng gawan sa more fun in the phil. :))

  6. wow nice! and yes, exceptional ang planking. hehe

  7. Asteeg ng planking! Buwis buhay haha. :):):)

  8. did you need to get a guide going to the falls? are there fees to be paid to get there?

  9. Hi kevin credits ko ung photos mo sa gagawin kong webpage. Gagawa kc ako ng website ng daguit. As per searching sa google ito ung images na have a good quality.