Friday, January 27, 2012

Not the usual Baguio City Tour.

@Baguio Cathedral

              I've been living in this world for almost 2 decades. I've travel a lot after my college days to fulfill my dreams to experience and shoot photos to the places that i've only seen on my travel magazines and in the  internet.

              Baguio City, is one of the destination that i wanted to go to. My Parents and my younger brother had been there, and a lot of my friends had been there. Their stories about their experience makes me envy them, a lot. Also, their suggestions like "try this blah blah blah" and "you should visit this and''  if one day i visit Baguio makes me think "hmmmm! Ano bang Meron dun?"

Daddy Francisco @ Burnham Park


The Mansion
                   Last January 14-15, me, kuya dong, ate gael, kuya darwin, and kuya emil aka flip climbed Mt. Timbac in Kabayan, Benguet. Then, after that climb we stayed in Baguio for a couple of hours while waiting for our trip back to Manila.

                   I was amazed upon entering for the FIRST TIME in SM Baguio, unlike any other SM malls SM Baguio were very unique in terms of architectural design. And if the Mall of Asia is one of the best location for watching one of the best sunset in our life, the view from SM Baguio Veranda has the nice view of city lights of Baguio at night.

Night Lights
                Sightseeing on SM Baguio cannot fulfill my dreams, so i leave my friends for a while for me to take a walk in the streets of the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

                First on my list, of course, the souvenirs, for my friends and for myself. :)  

I bought a couple of t-shirts.............

.........keychains as well.

                 Then proceed to Baguio Cathedral to take some photos.

The cathedral is closed: FAIL! :(
                  My time is up for my Baguio City tour. Yes, No Burnham Park. No The Mansion, No Mines View Park, No Camp John Hay, No Kutkut Kulangot! Not the usual Baguio City tour that i expected.

                  But this doesn't mean that im frustrated on this experience. The thing here is i've got a chance to visit and experience what this city has to offer.

                  Someday, I'll be back for more :)

TeamBak @ Starbucks, Baguio


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  1. astig ang teambak! hahaha... natawa ako dun sa aka flip. dali lang ulitin yan at sigurado makita mo na ang baguio sa umaga.