Monday, January 16, 2012

Want to go to Mt. Timbac? Vince Gapuz is the guy to ask how.

                  Mt. Timbac in Kabayan, Benguet, the 3rd highest peak in Luzon, around 2 hours away from Baguio City and  2,700 meters above sea level.

                  Going to the summit and to the different interesting places around the area i highly suggest to hire a guide that is familiar and  knows a lot of information about this place. So to everyone who wants to go to Mt. Timbac and visit the Mummy Caves in Kabayan, Benguet i would like to introduce Mr. Vince Gapuz.

                 Vince is a tour guide in Kabayan, Benguet since 2006(i hope i recall it right). Bruce Lee look-alike according to Kuya Dong Ho, this guy knows how to how to speak tagalog and ilocano, which is a must for a guide  to hire if you don't know how to speak ilocano because most of the people in the village doesn't know how to speak/understand tagalog.

                 Contact Vince at:

kevin franciz, vince, emil, gael, dong at the summit of mt. timbac January 15,2012
 Photos by Vince Gapuz


  1. ang saya naman! nakakamiss tuloy...tara akyat uli tayo ng bundok! hehe

    1. saka na tayo mamundok, ahahahah, kailangan paghandaan :)

  2. naks naman! Bruce Lee talaga! haha Ang saya neto, and thanks to Vince for being cool, sinabayan tlga ang sayawan! haha

  3. where's the vids, nga pala i want to watch it

  4. nice.. now i know who to contact if i plan to climb mt. timbac,,, thanks for sharing! :)

  5. omg, cnung bruce lee yan,? Jejejeje