Tuesday, February 28, 2012

17th Hot Air Ballon Fiesta: New Friends + New Adventure = All Fun!

             Earlier this year I made my '12 goals for 2012", one of my goal is to experience to ride on a hot air balloon, I haven't achieve it yet, but something a lot better much, much better comes to my life.

             Few days before the 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga, one of my fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger member, Mr. Christian Sangoyo posted about a photographer pass on the said event. I was lucky to be one of the 4 bloggers to get the pass together with my new found friends and travel blogger Ate Elal (www.elaljanelasola.com), Ate Izah (www.tripadora.com) and Kuya Ian (www.brownmantrips.com).


                 Our journey starts at Five Star bus terminal in Pasay, the bus going to Dau leaves as early as 1:45 AM,Air Conditioned (P150), while the ordinary(P120) leaves the terminal at 2:00 AM. Because EDSA and NLEx is traffic free during our trip we arrived at Dau terminal before 4:00 AM.

                 We bought something to eat in the nearby convenience store in the highway and after that we asked for the direction on the old man who is currently opening his sari-sari store. He was so kind to help us even looking for the jeep we need to ride. The Jeepney going to the main gate(10) and from the main gate another jeep going to the airfield(8).

               While on the jeep going to the airfield a question comes into the mind of Ian and Elal "Why there's a lot of hotels in Clark?". Can somebody help use to answer this question? heheheh

               Around 4:30AM we arrived at the airfield, the sun hadn't  rise, but the people whose waiting for the event was so alive a lot of people are still arriving.
my photographers pass from DPP(Digital Photographer Philippines)

Thanks to Caltex Philippines and DPP for the Pass
             Excited after receiving my photographers pass from DPP(Digital Photographer Philippines), we headed off to the field. I never thought what my pass can access, i thought it was just a free ticket for the event, but then i find out that i have a chance to shoot on the field while the balloons were setting up.

                Huge balloons were inflated by the hot air from the burners. With different color, shapes and sizes. One by one they flown into the air. Yehaaaaa!

               Then after the hot air balloons leaves the airfield, it's time for the Philippine Airforce to entertain and showcase their talents.

Kites were flown everywhere as a part of the fiesta
             Philippine Navy is also a part of the celebration. They hang out with the visitors, and showcase what are the equipments they use to defend the country.
               This was the first time to be witness the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and the First time to travel with the people i haven't met before, but with the same interests makes me feel that we've known each other well. A lot of my friends thinks that im crazy because i like to go anywhere alone, but they didn't know that when i travel alone i had a chance to meet a lot of people who can be a part of the future me.



  1. May cameo kame ni elal!
    Sana may makasagot ng tanong natin baket daming hotel... hehehehe
    I totally agree Kevin... that is the of the gifts of traveling... meeting new people and learning about things you can never learn if you stay within your comfort zone.

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  2. yihey! asteeg nung 1st photo. nainggit ako! haha

    1. Ate dapat sumama ka na kasi e.. san ka ngayon??Still in HK?