Monday, February 27, 2012

Caracol Festival:Makati's Mardi Gras

                Caracol Festival is  the the official festival in the city of Makati. Started since 1986, it promotes the importance of preserving and conserving the Earths natural resources.

                  The festivity started with a parade along the streets of Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue joined by the officials and organization of the Barangays in Makati and by the students from different schools while dressed as an animals, trees, marine animals, etc.


           I was so amazed to see that the usual busy streets of Makati Central Business District turns into a street of  that is full of color, lots of smiles and filled with the music by the drumbeats of the festivity.

         The highlight of the festivity was the Dancing competition. Divided into categories, the Elementary, Highschool and Open Category. They perform inspired by the theme "Save the mother Earth".

          It's been around 5 years I've been residing in Makati. i am surprised that this festivity exist. While a lot of people choose to visit Panagbenga i dont have any regrets that i choose to stay in Manila to experience the Caracol Festival.


  1. uy parang masaya magcostume din jan habang parade!

  2. hahaha... first time ata na may unano na sumali sa caracol.

  3. the event that i always miss, di ko matyempuhan ang sked.
    gaganda ng costumes!