Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Explore Camnorte:The future of Pulang Daga Beach.

                The 2nd destination that i will feature in my ExploreCamNorte series is the place that is very close to my heart (and in our house) because of a lot of memories that I've gathered throughout my life, the Pulang Daga beach in my hometown, Paracale, Camarines Norte.  

              Pulang Daga means "Red Land".

             The beach is a few kilometers away from the town center, around 20 minutes tricycle ride, expect a bumpy ride. But to adventurous people like me, i highly suggest  to try trekking when going to this beach. 45 minutes of trekking is a little bit tiring, but the views of the landscape from the Paracale Bay, the mountain ranges and the expectation and excitement reaching the beach refuels my tired body.
Parola: One of the famous landmark in Paracale.

      I've been in the shores of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte and i can say that the they have similarities in terms of the color and texture sand and the shore's curve (i'm sorry i dont know that the right word to use). The only advantage of Pagudpud in Pulang Daga is there are hotels/resorts that can accommodate the visitors/tourist.

Pulang Daga

               The town is rich in gold, but this is not a long tern income generating job. I hope that someday, someone will invest  in developing and protection of this ecotourism site. Everyone in this town will benefit, the investors, business establishments, residents(because of jobs generated), and the government(taxes). Yes, tourism causes "Multiplier effect".

The usual scene in the beach every Easter Sunday.
              No offense to the local government but,  i think that they focuses more on mining industry in this town. The destruction of nature can cause a lot of negative effects like erosion, landslides, etc. They taken for granted the nature's beauty.
            Hopefully i can make a change. I don't have any wealth to be an investor. But i am a travel Blogger.


  1. hmmm. I support you! mining might bring ka-ching.. but it will slowly diminish our mother nature.

  2. I love your landscape photos, and I also remember the beach in my hometown being filled with beach-goers every Easter Sunday and New Year's Day :)

  3. i was about to say 'what a great beach that has not been exploited yet,' and then i saw the easter sunday photo. hahaha! great landscape photos!

    1. That scene can only be seen during easter sunday, pero pag regular days, only few people visits.

  4. Awesome shot for the last photo.:) Malapit lang ba sa Daet yung Paracale?

  5. Nandito po yung ibang mga Landscape shots :)

  6. sir, how to get there in pulang daga po? can u give us the directions? my family plans to visit there this month of november..thanks!