Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Life and Lessons of College Life

               College life leaves a lot of memories in my life, the ups and down, from the happiest to saddest, the best-friends, friends with benefits, and of course a few enemies.

              4 years pass by so fast, I got my BsTourism degree. Happy, because i graduated with my friends who i spent a lot of time with but, sad, because we are on our own now. No more Counterstrike after class, No more film showing during class hour(yeah film showing), and more.

              Earlier today, i saw some notes and lectures from my past subjects, and i think that it can be helpful to the current students in their respective subjects. So this February I'll post some of the notes from my major subjects and the stories/experience while taking this course.

a new found friends during my ecotourism class @ Taal Volcano
@Barasoain Church

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