Friday, March 09, 2012

DayTrip ni Kev: The Cultural Town of Taal Part 1/4

                  I woke up early last Sunday to clean my room because my mother is coming soon, she's always get's mad every time my magazines and some brochures were scattered everywhere. While arranging my magazines i saw my copy of Southbound magazine which features the cultural town of Taal, Batangas. While reading the articles, I find out that Taal isn't far away from  Manila.

              Instead of spending time to go to the mall, watch the happy couples pass by, eat B1 go large or watch sunset at MOA, i decided to go to this  town.

              I ask for directions from my friends because i haven't been there. After gathering a lot of information, its time to go.

             I went to the DLTB bus terminal in Buendia, Pasay and ride a bus with signboard STAR Tollway, Tambo Exit(Php. 99.00). The bus leaves the terminal at exactly 10 AM.  Then I arrived at the Tambo Exit of the Star Tollway(Lipa proper) at 11:30 AM, then ride a jeep going to Taal(44).

             While on the road to Taal, i just figured out that i don't have any plans on what to visit aside from the basilica that i always seen on the movies and magazines.

       I arrived at the Basilica de St. Martin de Tours, the biggest catholic church in Asia at 12:30 PM, I was hungry during that time, but instead to look for the nearest restaurant to eat lunch, I spend a few minutes inside the church and took some/a lot of photos. :)

             Now i'm wondering, "Why does the biggest catholic church in Asia lies in the small town of Taal?"
             I saw a group of college students heading towards in a room on the left side of the church, then i'll find out that they are going to the bell tower of the church.

        A little bit creepy in our way going up, only few light bulbs were lit up during that time and the hallways and stairs were very narrow.
             At the top of the church,  the view of the whole town of Taal amuses me. The ancestral/old houses are scattered everywhere.

               The nice security guard on the top of the church were  kind enough to answers the questions that i asked to him, of course, i need information on my potential places to visit on that day so kuya guard is my information booth on that day.

                 When i go down after a few minutes of chatting wit the kuya guard, i wasn't able to took some photos near the altar because there was a funeral service on that time, so i decided to eat lunch first. be continued.


  1. yun ang hindi ko nagawa, ang umakyat sa bell tower... can't wait to visit taal again,... :)

    1. Sayang sir. Maganda yung view sa Taas. :)