Friday, March 09, 2012

DayTrip ni Kev: The Cultural Town of Taal Part 2/4

               After i ate lunch and rest for a while, I walked around the streets of the town proper. Unlike Intramuros and Vigan which are both cities or within the city, the Taal is a small town that preserves its simple way of Filipino living. A few commercial establishments, No Pollution, but it has a rich history that were written in our History textbooks.

               While i was walking around, I can say that around 75% of the houses built in this town, aside from being old, were preserved and only a few were renovated to look like modern houses. There were no huge old buildings(except the Basilica) and offices like in Intramuros and lots of establishments like in Calle Crisologo, that makes a day tour here in Taal unusual than the other day trip that I've done. 

                While i was on the public market to took some photos, i saw a lot of boutique of wedding gowns and barong made from pineapple fibers.  Embroidery is one of the main industry in the town of Taal. whe the time comes that I'll get married, i want to wear a barong from Taal :). 

               to be continued...............

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