Thursday, March 29, 2012

Daytrip ni Kev: Postal Heritage Tour

                   I've been a regular visitor of the walled city of Intramuros for almost 4 years (and still counting). Being there the memories of our past lives on. Spanish inspired architectural buildings are scattered inside this city within the walls.

                   I've conducted a few researches during my pasts project in my tour guiding class about Intramuros, the past of the buildings, churches, the puertas(gates) and many more. But i didn't research or even read about the some of the historical landmarks outside the walls such as the Post Office Building, The Metropolitan Theater, and the street of Escolta.

                  A lot of people ignores these landmarks, and I'm one of them. I used to know the Post Office as "Lawton", where the terminal of buses going to Cavite area, the Metropolitan Theater as an old and abandoned pink colored building in front of 7-11 and Escolta as a street.

                 Then i was invited to join the Postal Heritage Tour, a free tour conducted by the Filipinas Stamp Collectors Club. A tour which showcases and promotes awareness to some the forgotten historical places in Manila.


The group pic at the Liwasang Bonifacio also known as "Lawton".

                 The first stop, the post office compound where the Manila Central Post Office and the Postal Museum is located. Yes, there's a museum inside the compound. It was opened since 1992 and showcasing our country's rich repository of stamps and postal relics. And  at the 3rd floor, the old mailboxes, typewriters, magazines, and catalogs were exhibited.

            We proceed to the main building, where the postal operation takes place. Even-though a little bit creepy inside, amusement took over my emotions.

            Exhibits of the collection of stamps from different parts of the world by the member of Filipinas Stamp Collectors club were displayed on the lobby of the post office.

              The main building will soon to be transformed into a 6-star hotel starting on the 3rd quarter of this year, and this is one of the reason why I want to encourage everyone to have a glimpse on this structure before the hotel management takes over.

               Next. The Metropolitan Theater.

                   The Metropolitan Theater was built in 1931 and serve as the home of performing arts of the Philippines. Theater plays, Zarzuela, Opera and Concerts are some of the events  that were took place here, A venue for all reason, A theater for all seasons.
The Lobby of Metropolitan Theater

The Lobby of Metropolitan Theater
                 In my own perspective, the Metropolitan Theater is an abandoned and rotten building in the heart of Manila, but not until when i got a chance to explore whats inside it. Yes, it is an abandoned, rotten and forgotten building but, being there, being inside the metropolitan theater gives me a better understanding on how simple and elegant the way of Filipino living on the early and mid 19th century.

Some of the props used in the performances were still inside the theater.

The Ballroom.
                I don't know what happened but I'm sure that  last year there was an announcement made by the city of Manila regarding about the renovation of the Metropolitan Theater.

Wolfgang's Playlist on their concert the the met.

This concert was the last event that was held in the theater.

                The last destination of the postal heritage tour was in the street of Escolta, were it was used to be the central business district of Manila. According to one of my old Professor in college, the Street of Escolta were used to have movie houses, restaurants, shops etc.

                 Old buildings on both side of the street, that is what to expect on the street of Escolta.   One of the building here was the first building in the Philippines that have an elevator, The Burke Building that was completed to built in the year 1919. 

                  The highly suggest to everyone to join, experience and make new friends here at the Postal Heritage Walking Tour. The Filipinas Stamp Collectors Club were conducting this for us to be informed on what the old Manila was. As a blogger this is the way that i can do to encourage people to be part of it.

          "Gusto kong maapreciate nang mga tao ang Maynila, Kasi sa mahabang panahon, underrated ito"- Ivan Cultura

Nice meeting you Chillz Team :)


  1. ive been wanting to join this nalilimutan ko lang yung schedule. i also collected stamps when i was in high schoool and has started to collect again kaya gusto ko yan makita including the metropolitam theater.

  2. i love the metropolitan theatre. i used to watch stage plays there before. hope the city government will speed up its renovation soon

  3. pahiram muna ng group pics ah, thanks again for the company guys!

  4. Will be going there this 15th din with some of the Bagets. Hindi ba super spooky dun sa Met? I heard a lot of stories about that place eh. May umiiyak daw dyan. hehehe