Friday, March 02, 2012

Kev needs Help!

               On the first week on this year I made my 12 goals to accomplish this year. After accomplishing a couple of those goals, there's another goal soon to be accomplished. But for me to do that i need a help from you guys for me to achieve it. 

             Maybe a couple of months from now I might leave the this country because I'm going overseas for work. Before i leave i want to win in a Photo contest.
           Last month, i joined in a photo contest by Mr Melvic one of the tour coordinators in Calaguas Island. I  sent 3 photo entries that i took during Escape Calaguas trip of kuya dong ho. The prize for this photo contest is an all expense paid trip to Calaguas Island for 2 and some other freebies.

            If its ok, i need your votes for my pictures to win. Because if ever i win on this photo contest, i will be able to bring my special someone on this island. She's my best-friend in college and she's special(i dont know how to describe her hahah). We haven't seen each other after our graduation and if ever, this will be my moment know. :p

           To vote for my photo entries. please like first the facebook page of the calaguas island

         Then Click like on my 3 photo entries on this album.

                     These are the photos on the album: 

               The online voting is until March 29, 2012.And the winners will be announce on April 14-15, 2012. I hope you can help me win.

*Note: College friends "Wag kayong maingay ha ahahahaha"


  1. Happy to help. I hope you win, Kevin! :)

  2. nice..sang country ka punta pre?

  3. ganda ng beaches,mukhang calaguas yun nasa picture right?gusto ko talaga pumunta diyan

  4. wow. you're not just a travel boy...lover boy din

  5. voted! i especially like the last photo, good job! :)

  6. dapat kasama mo sa goal ang mapanuod mo ang wrestlemania!! kahit isang beses lang.

  7. uy sayang ngayon ko lang nabasa to, sana nanalo ka.. otherwise, marami pa naman contests ^_^