Monday, March 19, 2012

Postal Heritage Walking Tour

               I am inviting everyone to join the Postal Heritage Walking Tour, conducted by the Filipinas Stamp Collectors Club with the cooperation of Philpost, Museo ng Maynila, Intramuros Administration, National Press Club, Winners Foundation and The Department of Education. The tour were held every 3rd Sunday of the month since mid 1990's. This "free" guided tour features the historical and cultural importance of the Manila.

Mr Lawrence Chan: The tour guide/Filipinas Stamp Collector Member.

               Places to be visited:  1. Metropolitan Theater
                                               2. Arroceros Forest Park
                                               3. Postal Museum and Library
                                               4. Jones Bridge
                                               5. MacArthur Bridge
                                               6. Escolta
Metropolitan Theater

                 The next tour will be at April 15, 2012, 1:00-6:00 pm. To those people who are interested you can register at:
                           Mrs.Josie Tiongson – Cura – ( 0917-9800708 / 735-5001 )
                           Monday to Saturday 1pm to 5pm only
                           Ms. Nena De Guzman – ( 527-00 -96) Postal Museum and Library
                           Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm only for parking instruction.
                           Mr.Lawrence Chan – ( 0919-3901671)

             Not everyone have an opportunity to visit the Metropolitan Theater(for free) so i hope you will grab this chance to visit. and don't forget to bring flash light :). 



  1. this is a great start. I hope they will start restoring the Met. I missed this.

  2. buti nakasama ka sa tour. lagi ko na to nakikita kaya lang di pa ako nakakasama. baka sa may or june ako.

    1. Kuya dong Next guided tour will be held on April 15, May 20 and June 17, 2012

  3. musta, i was with you nung march 18 postal heritage tour, seems like na you travel a lot, added u to my links and hopefully maka-ride rin sa mga travels mo..

  4. I hope I could attend but I doubt! Eh this looks interesting!

  5. see you there on the 15th.=)