Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Travel to the past in the beach that I love.

                  Childhood moments builds us on what we are today, the games we've played teaches us to interact with others and to manage the challenge we are facing in our life today and the tears that we cried due to minor injuries helps us to be strong.

                 Childhood for me means freedom. Freedom from the challenges of everyday school/office life, freedom from discrimination, and freedom from stressful life.
                 While i was walking along the shores of PulangDaga Beach in my hometown, Paracale, Camarines Norte, one sunny day, I saw a group of children whose playing along the rocky part of the beach. They don't mind whether they become "nog-nog" after hours of playing under the sun, like what I used to do before.

             Catching small fish and some marine creatures and put it on a clear plastic cup, collecting different stones and sea shells, are some of the activities that I used to do every-time I visit that beach with my family.

               Watching this kids makes me miss my childhood life. Now I'm on my early 20's, the moment that I've witnessed on my childhood will never be back again. But those memories brought a lot of smiles and happy moments of being young. 

               A lot of things and challenges happened, I graduated my primary, secondary and college degree, met a lot of people with different personalities that influenced my life.   My future is still unpredictable, but my the past teaches me how to face it.


  1. Kaso sira na ang Pulang Daga. ahay.

  2. masarap talaga balikan yung good memories...

  3. Ang ganda naman! Tama! Kay sarap alalahanin yong childhood memories.