Thursday, June 28, 2012

Phl 360 Episode 1, The Road to 360: The Making of a TRUE Travel Adventure.

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               The PHL360 is a reality travel webseries that not just features the place that being discovered, but also the experience of the travelers as they explore around the country which what I am looking for in a adventure/travel show. Only a few shows from international tv networks features the experiences of the host/travelers as they go on their journey to explore the places around the world. In my point of view, featuring the experiences of the travelers without a script makes the viewers understand what the word travel means.

               The 1st episode of the PHL 360 introduced the 8 indie travelers from different walks of life, with different personalities, different careers that will be exploring around the Philippines with a twist. They don't know who are they traveling with, where are they going to, the challenges that they are going to face together and a lot more.

             Our guides to explore  PHL360 Dong Ho(Engineer) of, Hannah Villasis(TV Host) of, Robbie "Robx" Bautista(Graphic Designer/Illustrator) of, Monette Fernandez of, Ron Cuz of, Chyng Reyes of, Robert Alejandro(Artist) of and Chichi Bacolod(Marketing Manager) of

             I've met most of the travelers who were a part of the PHL360, i know that they can accomplish whatever the challenges are, but my question in my mind is "how?".

             Aside from I can learn/gather new ideas about backpacking, their insights about travel is also important for me to make some of my critics/truefriends on why travel is a must for me, why i find fulfillment every time i go to a place I've never been before.

            For those who haven't been watched the 1st episode of PHL360 please click this link,


  1. This is a great reality travel series. Good luck to the participants.

  2. This looks good. Will watch this when I get home from work. ^_^

  3. Finally, true travel adventures to look forward to.

  4. I haven't checked the site yet but am sure it's awesome and entertaining for travelers and alike.

  5. Definitely a must-see for avid travelers.

  6. Great and interesting series! Goodluck! :)

  7. hmmm, this will definitely be interesting and something to look forward to.