Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just got Published!

           A lot of people nowadays are into photography, and im one of them. I love taking photos during events mostly festivals and rallies in Quiapo and taking photos of landscapes and nature. Sometimes im thinking that why not pursue a career in Photography? I had a certificate from different seminars that Jo Avila conducted, but personally i believe that im not yet ready, Im not knowledgeable enough for that career.

Mt. Timbac, Kabayan, Benguet.

Chinatown, Binondo, Manila.

            It was on the 2nd week of June, I submitted a photo in Abu Dhabi week magazine, a local magazine that showcasing the news, events and other stuffs about UAE. ''Natripan ko lang magpasa nang picture''. But to e honest, it is my dream that someday that one day, one of my photos or article will be published in a magazine.

                  Surprisingly, on the Vol 5 Issue 26 of the said magazine, the photo that i submitted was published on their column, through your lens Photo of the week. The photo that i submitted was the photo of the watch tower that is located in Al Ain st.

            This is the photo that i submitted and published. Im just slightly pissed because i failed to grab a copy  of this magazine. :) 


  1. Mag apply ka na kaya as correspondent jan?? hehehehe masaya yun!! =)

  2. Congrats! Get in touch with the company im sure may mga back issues or meron pang copies yun.

  3. congrats po :) im a follower na sa blog mo :)

  4. WOW! congrats Kevin! more to come for sure! cheers!!!

  5. Galing! Congratualtions. You should submit more often!