Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What a journey it has been.

                 I'm poor at memorizing birthdays and special events, and believe it or not, me and my ex-girlfriend had an LQ moments before, because i forgot her birthday. Last July 9 was my blog's birthday, and just like any special events in my life, i forgot it. My personal travel blog is now 1 year old, 1 year of journey and sharing my travel moments.

                Before kevin the travel boy came to this world of blogging, I'm a BsTourism student, who loves to travel and take photos, alone most of the time. Most of my memorable travels during my college life is of course, during educational tours and some school projects that we need to visit a certain place to conduct a study.

1st Year NatSci Tour: I forgot the name of this river but it is located somewhere in Rizal.

1st Year NatSci Tour: Inside the Mystical Cave in Rizal. I miss my friends :'(

1st Year CIHM Educational Tour: Photo with a Camel in Paradizoo, Tagaytay.
3rd Year CAS Tour: We went to Bulacan, this photo was in Barasoain Church

3rd Year CAS Tour: Somewhere in Biak na Bato.
3rd Yr. Ecotourism Project: We conduct a study/tour/bonding with my new friends in Taal, Volcano. This is one of the memorable moments in my college life, I dont personally know my groupmates that time, i feel like ma-oout of place ako, but I was wrong, after this trip, we became close to each other. So Close. 

3rd Yr. Ecotourism Project: Our group shot.

3rd Yr. Ecotourism Project:  #Loner

4th Year CIHM Ilocos Tour: Pagudpud Beach
4th Year CIHM Ilocos Tour: Pagudpud Beach

4th Year CIHM Ilocos Tour: Baluarte.

4th Year CIHM Ilocos Tour: The Beatols??? Vigan

4th Year CIHM Ilocos Tour: Trekking to Kabigan Falls

4th Year CIHM Ilocos Tour: Bantay Bell Tower

4th Year CIHM Ilocos Tour: Marcos Mausoleum.

4th Year CIHM Ilocos Tour: Cape Bojeador.

4th Year CIHM Ilocos Tour: Malacaniang of the North

                   A couple of years ago, I attended a travel event in SM Megamall with my friend Ralph. Then there was a program that was being held in the stage there that was conducted by ROX. That day, I've met Dong Ho, The PinaySoloBackpacker and Christine Fernandez, a people who loves to travel, like me. Pinay Solo Backpacker aka Gael Hilotin was the one who encourage me to make my own blog.

The Pinay Solo BackPacker, Ralph and Dong Ho.
               Ok, I like to travel, take photos and tell story, but I know im poor at writing, so it takes a couple of months from the day we've met until the day I wrote my first blog entry. Nervous, because I don't have the confidence that i can write a good travel blog, until today. I received a few negative comments about my blog entries and most of them said that it has a lot of wrong grammar or choices of words, I know, and im not mad at them. I just think of it as a constructive criticism. I wrote based on what I've experienced in the place that I've visited,  it's like im telling a story. 

             Last January, i became a member of a group called Pinoy Travel Bloggers, and I would like to thank Ivan Cultura, who is my online friend that time. Then after climbing Mt. Timbac, Kabayan, Benguet also last January, I was added to PTB Bagets by its President Darwin Cayetano.

Darwin and Gael, with the kids from Kabayan, Benguet.
              After being a part of these group I had a chance to meet a lot of people who loves to travel like me, to have a media pass on events and I also had a chance to experience sponsored trip, thanks Azalea Residences, Baguio City.

Darwin, Emil, Anteeee, Gael, me, Dong ho at Mt. Timbac.

PyroMusical Competition Media Pass, Thanks Azrael Colladila

17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Photog Pass, Thanks Caltex Philippines, DPP and Sir Christian Sangoyo 

Lostboy Lloyd, Marx, Andrew, Elal, Joanna, Chino, Grasya, Dong, Gemma, Me at Azalea Residences, Baguio.

Bagets @ 50's Diner

Elal, Ivan, Me and Chino at Malatap Falls.
           Those were some of the unforgettable moments after a year of my story telling in my blog. The priceless rewards from my efforts were not the free passes or free trips, it's the happy memories with these people. I thank god because I met them. And I'm looking forward to travel with them again soon. 

          Thank you.


  1. congrats kev! more travels to come... and hope to bump you on the road some day.

  2. You're on the right track for pursuing your passion. Just remember that great writers are honed by time and experience.

    Taking criticisms constructively is the right attitude one should acquire to become successful. But if critics go beyond what's ethical, learn to shield yourself from harm!


  3. i hear you on the makakalimutin part! ganyang ganyan lang ako! yan actually ang isa sa mga main reason kung bakit ko inumpisahan ang blog ko. para kahit na makalimutan ko na yung mga napuntahan ko is pwede ko pa syang maalala ulit through my blog.. anyway belated happy blog anniversary sayo! hahaha

  4. Youre on the right track baby I was born this way!. Good luck in everything you do Keeven. Hope to see you again someday!

  5. Boxing analyst haha..

    nawawala yung book na napanalunan natin.

  6. baket now ko lang to nabasa! toinks. anyway, miss ka na namen Kevin. I;m proud of you, naalala ko nga yung fisrt meeting naten, first meeting din namen nila Dong yun.LOL congrats ha and sana mas madame ka pa matravel na lugar at matutunana sa buhay.

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  11. salamat sa pagbanggit!

    dont worry, ganyan naman lahat nagstart yung mga hndi gifted sa pagsusulat, pero eventually magiging aware ka na rin sa mga subject and verb agreement/grammar. pag binabasa ko rin mga old posts ko (kahit yung mga latest) may mga sablay pa rin pero may improvement naman. Go lang ng GO Kevin!! Hello Jiggy!? hahaha