Friday, June 28, 2013

Sail the High Seas

How's this for the holiday of a lifetime: Wake up after a leisurely lie-in and peek out of your cabin window to gaze at a new bustling port, where tugs are coming and going and gleaming liners sparkle in the morning sun. Pull on shorts and sandals and head down to the breakfast buffet, where everything from crispy bacon sandwiches to smoked salmon is on offer, ready to get you stocked up and prepared for the full day of discovery ahead. Wash it down with a frothy latte and, after breakfast, it's off to pack a day bag and head out into the mid-morning sunshine to explore the sights and sounds of today's destination.

Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

With a cruise holiday, you could be enjoying this same scenario yourself. Perhaps you'll wake up to the buzz of a Spanish port, before heading off to explore the cathedrals and cafes of Barcelona. Or maybe it'll be a day wandering along the cobbled streets of Lisbon. Or Palma, or Cannes, or any one of scores of other wonderful destinations. Of course, your perfect experience could be completely different. Maybe you'll wake up to the frozen beauty of Alaska, or the pastel-coloured villages of Italy, or even the swaying palms and azure seas of the Caribbean.

Whatever you fancy, with a cruise holiday you can sail the high seas in luxury and experience some of the world's most beautiful and awe-inspiring destinations. From all inclusive cruises to mini 'taster' itineraries, UK cruise departures or extravagant round-the-world experiences, there's a fascinating blend of cruise holidays on offer. So if you fancy waking up to a new destination every morning, and seeing the world in a slightly different light, why not try a cruise holiday? It could easily become your new holiday of a lifetime.

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