Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Speed, Curves, Ups and Downs.

                In the world of motor sports, in Formula 1 to be specific, Ferrari is one of the respected and well known company/team who leads in this sports. They also have a variety of luxury sports cars that which is, a head turner whenever we see it on the road, because of its sporty elegant design.

              Aside from it's cars, Ferrari also offers variety of products such as clothings, watches, toys which can be found in their official Ferrari store. In their factory in Maranello, Italy, they are conducting tour which tackles about the history, and the technology behind the company's success in this field.

             And one thing Ferrari is showcasing today is the Ferrari World in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the largest indoor theme park, which houses a Ferrari store at the lobby, 20 attractions and rides which makes you feel the thrill and rush speed and learn and understand the heritage and the history Ferrari, a wide variety of restaurants which offers Italian dishes, entertainment shows and I can say, the only theme park I've been who have the friendliest staffs.


         Here is my top list among the 20 attractions that Ferrari World offers:

         1. Fiorano GT Challenge. A roller coaster ride that feels like Fast and Furious.

                                                      Video by

               2. Driving with the Champion.This is a driving simulator which makes you feel like you are sitting beside Fernando Alonzo while showcasing his skills while roaming around the streets of Maranello using a GT and F1 car.

              3. Viaggio in Italia. Another simulator ride but this time this ride will let you experience a birds eye view in the streets, mountains, village and vineyards of Italy while watching a Ferrari car travels around it.after the ride, I feel like I've been to a helicopter ride around Italy.

             4. Galleria Ferrari. This gallery features the model of sports cars Ferrari had made from the past years.

               5. Formula Rossa, the highlight of this themepark, the worlds fastest roller Coaster, Imagine 100/kph in 2 seconds and a max speed of 250/kph in 5 seconds. Here is my story click here.

                 What an amazing experience for me, some of my friends doesn't believe that I've conquered my fears in riding a roller coaster. But after this rides, the feeling is unexplainable.  

                 They say that Ferrari World is all about speed, Yes I agree, its all about the speed, rush and thrill that the ride offers. It's also about the experience being close to the experience of riding a real Formula 1 cars which is only a chosen people can experience in the track.


  1. I'm a fan of Ferrari. I hope I visit Ferrari world someday.

  2. The Ferrari Fun ride is awesome! I hope to visit this place too! I'm a huge fan of ferrai. Frustrated racer here :D