Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Expore CamNorte: Riding at the Bicolandia waves.

              Finally, I'm home. Yes, kevin the travel boy is back on the road, for a while. I'm currenty at the country for a couple of weeks because I'm on a short vacation on my work in Abu Dhabi. I cant afford to miss a chance to travel, so I continue my journey around Camarines Norte.

             I love the activities at the sea, that's why I bought snorkeling set and a rugged camera for this vacation, I already used the gears a couple of days ago when I went to PulangDaga beach in my hometown, Paracale, Camarines Norte.

              I want to go back to Calaguas, but the water current is not suitable for the small banka to travel. Then I remembered that before I leave the country I want to try surfing at Bagasbas. And I guess this is the perfect time for me to try it.


                    I traveled for an hour and a half from Paracale to Daet. Then a tricycle ride from the terminal to the town center, and another tricycle ride form the town center to Bagasbas Beach. There were a couple of shops that offers rental of surf boards and surfing lessons on hourly basis.

             My instructor Kit teaches me about the basics of surfing. I think I didn't give him a hard time while he is teaching me.  Then i'ts time for us to hit the waters.

            At first, i'm having a hard time standing on the board because i'ts a little bit slippery, then on my 3rd try, finally, I was able to stand up and balance myself on the board.

              The waves were ideal for beginners like me, and according to my instructor this is the perfect time for surfing because during summer the sea is calm and the waves are small.

                A lot of wipeouts and I hurt my both ankles, but all the pains are worth it. A very memorable experience for me to share and to promote my province.

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  1. Ang ganda mag surfing dyan ah. Namiss ko bigla magsurfing!