Friday, December 13, 2013

Unexpected Food trip in SG

               Singapore, a dream travel destination for me. I don't know exactly why? All I want is to be there and climb at the Sky Park of Marina Bay Sands, visit the island of Sentosa, take a photo with the Merlion and Universal Studios.

               Then recently I had a chance to fly to the "Fine City" and visit a special someone who is currently working there, my "Masungit" girlfriend, Sunshine. I love you Mam.

Sunshine and I at Sentosa

Merlion Park, Singapore
              For almost 1 1/2 year living in Abu Dhabi I used to learn and adopt the taste of Indian and Arabic food like, Beef or Chicken Biryani, Kebab, Shawarma etc. But in Singapore most of the food stalls that scattered in the city offers Asian cuisine of course, which I craved for for a long time. 

              When I asked my friends who used to work in Singapore about what to do and where to eat, they have the same recommendation that I should try the Chicken Rice. Then, that's what I did. I forgot how many Chicken Rice I ate during my stay, I guess half of my meals there is Chicken Rice.

             On my first dinner I meet my friend during college days, Jam, who is working in one of the 5 star hotel in Singapore. We went at Newton food center, just a few steps away from Newton MRT station. 

                It's like a park in the city that is surrounded by food-stalls. And this is the place where I tasted my first Chicken Rice. Thumb's Up. 

              One of the thing that I like in Newton Food Center aside from wide variety of Oriental  cuisines they offer, is the way the customer's order the food they want. Of course you have to choose the food on their menu and if you already decided the food that you want just tell them your table number and they will serve it to your table. 

                  And that's why my friend Jam keeps saying "what took them so long to deliver what she ordered" I didn't know that when she left for a while she ordered a lot of food for us. Happy Fiesta!


Cereal Prawn

               And for the first time I had a chance to drink Tiger beer, Singapore's local beer.

                  Newton Food Center is a must for everyone to visit if you are going to Singapore, I always thinking that it's like the Ayala Triangle Garden with a lot of food stalls.

           Then the following day after me and my Sunshine went to Skypark at Marina Bay Sands. We went in MakanSutra, a couple of meters away from Marina Bay Sands and Merlion Park. 

              Unlike the Newton Food Center, MakanSutra is self service, you have to take the order in the shop then bring the food to your table. Personally, I like the ambiance in Makansutra specially during the sunset, because of it's overlooking view of Marina Bay Sands.

                 A few days before I arrived, my girl bought a voucher for a buffet lunch at KBB or Korean Barbecue Buffet Restaurant. Located in Toa Payoh area, this small restaurant is the first Korean restaurant I've been to. 

         I forgot the names of the food that we've tried here, but they are all nice. The restaurant concept was simple and the ambiance was so relaxing while inside. Also, the staffs were friendly and approachable.   

             Personally, I like the taste of the Asian cuisine than the ones that I used to eat here in the middle east, that's why I enjoyed eating a lot in streets of Singapore than dining out on fast food. Until now, i'm missing their ambiance, the environment, the taste that I never found here in Abu Dhabi.


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