Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lioness & Rhino Rock Formation, Guides and Tips for Newbies.

                 Being a part of jobless pinoy wasn't easy, specially for me who loves to travel. Yes I do have enough or a lot of time to travel,but there's always be a limitation, and of course, it's all about the travel fund. Also I can't make travel plans in advance because I might leave the country soon.
                Anyway, I was invited by my fellow blogger Ivan to visit the Lioness & Rhino Rock Formation in Norzagaray, Bulacan. So I decide to join him and his group on this day hike.

               The journey begins from Farmers Market in Cubao, then to SM Fairview to meet the other half of the group. We took a jeepney ride infront of Jolibee on the opposite side of SM Fairview going to Bigte, Norzagaray. Please remind your the jeepney driver to drop you off on the roundabout/rotonda in Bigte, Then a tricycle ride going to Upper Bigte, the jump off to the Lioness Rock formation, remember, "Upper Bigte" because there is Upper and Lower Bigte, and to some people, this may cause confusion.

               Our guide to the was Kenneth, a local guy who lives around the base of the Lioness Rock. Unlike my other climbing experience, this is something new for me, Climbing a rock formation. I can say that it's quite different on my previous climbs. Going to the summit or the head of the Lioness can be a little bit hard to some, I suggest to bring a small day hike backpack or a belt bag because some part of the trails were very tricky and you need crawl on it.

                 Along the trail there are some places or safe places to take a group photo or rest while waiting for your turn to climb on the head of the lioness.

                  Please be patient while waiting for your groups turn while waiting, if ever there's a conflict or the group ahead of you spends a long time, then just wait, but dont stay on the dangerous part of the rock, save yourself from accident, take a rest while waiting, socialize with the other group in the area so you will not get bored. And if ever conflict comes, just let it go, dont post anything in facebook about your bad experience along the way. #maypinaghuhugutan.

                  Nervous? do not worry. All you need is a warm up for you to gain confidence before climbing the head of the Lioness, there was a rock formation just beside the Lioness that you can climb and take photo with.

                 And of course, the next goal will be so set foot on the top of the Lioness. My foot was sweating and the result was my foot was slipping from the sandals I wear that day, so to avoid accident because I might get sprained if ever I push myself to climb to the top, I ask Kenneth(our guide) if he will allow me to climb on foot, the good thing is he said yes, but he will not allow me on the Rhino Rock formation to do that because of the stones there were sharp,  . This is my personal preference, I dont encourage anyone to do this if you came up on this situation, so much better if you wear climbing shoes if you plan to climb here.

                 There are times that the wind blows heavy so be very careful while on top, and please dont attempt your favourite jumpshot.

                  Descending was also challenging, so be cautious on every step going down, unlike on the mountains which has slopes, and were you can just walk all the way down here you also have to use your hands to support yourself on your every step. 

                   A few meters away from the Lioness Rock Formation is the Rhino Rock Formation,  Kenneth said that this will be much easier climb than the Lioness.

                 Maybe this one is a little bit difficult on the first rock formation that we climb, because the edges of the stones were sharp so it wasn't comfortable to sit on it, specially on the top. So it is really a must to wear climbing shoes here. One of the guides were setting up some facilities for rappelling on the other side of the Rock, but I Guess that for experienced climbers only. 

   Sample Itinerary
             5:00 AM: Meet Up at Farmers Market in Cubao (or wherever convenient on your group to                                 meet)
                            Ride a bus Going to SM Fairview. Regular Fare 38 Pesos as of the moment.
             6:30 AM: From SM Fairview Ride a Jeepney Going to Bigte, Norzagaray. 40 Pesos.And                                   remind your driver to drop you off on roundabout/rotonda near the market.

                            Ride  a tricycle going to jump off point, of Lioness Rock formation in Upper                                     Bigte. The landmark was the Church of Iglesia ni Kristo. Pesos per person for the                             tricycle ride.

                            Meet your guide, there are kids around the jump off point which offers their                                     services to your group. For me I'll recommend our guide Kenneth. You can
                            contact him at +639261241697, he can also arrange a tricycle ride from rotonda to                             jump off place.
               After you finish climbing this 2 rock formation your group can go to the Pinagrealan cave which is a few kilometers away from here and that's next on my blog. So see you again in a bit. :)


  1. I've been to this place already when I am still residing at Tialo, Bulacan. But I didn't have the courage to climb the rocky mountains. Good for you, you've tried and succeeded.

  2. I miss doing this kind of mountaineering stuff... how i wish to get fit and cross this place from the list of must visit places .Thanks for the detailed tips...

  3. Oh wow. I would want to experience climbing however I'm afraid of the danger especially when weather is bad on the day. I guess that one will really have to invest in mountaineering gear to achieve this one.

  4. The rock formation looks really tough to climb. The view is worth it though. I'll check if I can visit the area on my free time.

  5. What an awesome experience to be on top of the world! It was a tiring day I'm sure, but the exhilarating feeling of being on the summit is second to none.

  6. It looks like a very nice place! I'm sure you enjoyed your rock climbing! And I agree. Sabi nga nila, you can't have everything. Sometimes, we have time and energy but we don't have money! lol. I wish pwedeng pagsamahin ang time, energy and money. :D

  7. Wow! That looks so fun.I never knew we have that here in the Philippines. I want to hike one day, plus doing it with a group of friends makes it even more worthy.

  8. Traveling with limited funds is always hard. However, it is surprising how far you will go and see with just a couple of pesos. You just have to know the way.

  9. What a nice, adventurous but quite scary climb. Awesome for sure. Hopefully I can do something like this in the near future.

  10. wow, admirable courage you've got. My hand were sweating by just looking at your photos!!!

  11. When will be our next climb because I wanna join! haha! Just kidding..

    Anyway, the rock formations are beautiful! But climbing it, it would be more exciting! But, how did you manage to travel far with few money in your pocket? Awesome! :D

  12. Wow! never knew this place exists. Gandang puntahan. Nice photos as well.