Monday, January 05, 2015

Malabon Tricycle Tour: Explore the other side of Malabon.

              Last December the city of Malabon launched its project to promote their tourist spot. Personally, what I known about Malabon was their fish trading and heavy flooding on rainy season. But not until I experienced and invited to witness the Malabon Tricycle Tours.

             This Project by Mayor Antolin Oreta III aims to promote Malabon as a tourist destination and showcase it's preserved tourist spot, its local products and work of art of Malabonians. They are the first city to have a tricycle tour and as of the moment they have 8 destinations in their itinerary Concepcion Market & Plaza, Artes de Paseo Gallery, Ibaviosa's House, Angel Cacnio Gallery, Raymundo's House, Oreta Sports Center, Malabon City Hall And San Bartolome Church.

           Concepcion Market in General Luna St. offers a number of local products of Malabon such as Okoy with Pumpkin, Tapang Kabayo, Rellenong Bangus etc.

Okoy with Pumpkin. Too bad I have allergy with shellfish that's why I didn't try this one, But smells and looks delicious, so for you without any allergy, this is a must try. 

Sweets, Sweets, Sweets.

Longanisa, Rellenong Bangus and other meat products.

Fresh Milkfish/Bangus

Tapang Kabayo and other meat products..

            Artes de Paseo in  Governor Pascual Avenue is an art gallery that features the paintings and sculptures of Malabonian artists like Roland Rosacay, August Santiago and Chris Magbuhos.

Chris Magbuhos
             Ibaviosa's Residence in Bonifacio Street was built around 1940, this house was owned by Manuel Sr and Maria Cruz Ibaviosa. They are the owner of Malabon Patis which the factory is located only at the back of their house. 

                 Angel Cacnio's Residence and Art Gallery in Don Bautista Boulevard. A 2 in 1 house, Art gallery in 1st floor and Mr. Cacnio's Residence on the 2nd. Aside from numerous award he received in the field of arts, he also designed some of the Philippine Peso Bill. 

He's very happy showing to his guests his awards and artworks.

Bonsai's were scattered around his garden, and some of his works was inspire of it.  

              Raymundo's House was built on 1861 and the oldest house in Malabon. Infront of the house the  gateway made from concrete and wood just like the puertas in Intramuros  with the Hapsburg Eagle at the top that symbolizes royalty.  

                Oreta Sports Center, the only sports center in Camanava area in its class with the seating capacity of 1,300 people. This municipal project aims to promote sports and wellness activities to all Malabonians. Aside from volleyball and basketball courts it also has badminton and tennis courts and swimming pool as well.

                    San Bartolome Church was built in 1614 and this year the city of Malabon celebrates its 400th anniversary. This baroque church was founded by the Augustinian priest and it is the first stone church in Malabon. The old church bells located in the entrance of the church called my attention right away. And inside the church, at the ceiling, all the paintings everywhere was painted by the artistic people of Malabon.

              The City Hall of Malabon located  a couple of footsteps from San Bartolome Church, this 11 storey building is the administration building of the city. At the top of this building you can see the whole city and its neighbouring city. And aside from that A beautiful sunset on the horizon.

                 Before I finish this post, I would like to thank the Municipal Office of Malabon City and the Tourism Office and to Michael who welcomes and assist us all over the tour.

               You can contact the Tourism Office of Malabon at 281-4999 and Malabon TODA at +63918-651-7343, +63922950-1500 and +639208093010 for more information about Malabon Tricycle Tours. 


  1. Wow, exploring Malabon must be a great and challenging experience since there are so many exciting things to be seen there, I would love to try that tricycle tour as well!

  2. Thank you Ms. Vanessa for expressing your interest in exploring Malabon. Hope to see you here in Malabon! #VisitMalabon2015

  3. I noted used of the term "Malabonian", which actually offend a lot of Malabon folks,me included.

    It rhymes with Vilmanian and Norarian - no offense to them - and does nothing to convey Malabon's genteel past.

    So what to call the people of Malabon? Malabon folk or taga-Malabon. Plain and simple.