Friday, October 30, 2015

A weekend in Buscalan: The weekend trip itinerary.

          "If I leave Manila on Friday night, can I come back before my shift starts at 4:AM of Monday"

his is my first question on my mind when I am plotting this weekend trip. I also made some reasearches and I contacted some of my friends who visited Buscalan before.

             I checked out some blogs and online sources to have an idea about this, but the best thing to do is ask advisement/feedback from your friends about their recent trip in Buscalan. Since you are reading my post, I am now officially one of your online friend, so you can ask me about planning your trip here in Buscalan.

              So here's my itinerary and the breakdown of my expenses on my visit in Apo Whang-Od's village

Friday October 23.

7:00PM: Bus going to Tabuk City
                 Victory Liner(Kamias Station)
                  Fare: Php 700.00

Saturday October 24.

  4:30 AM: Arrive at Bulanao, Tabuk

  8:30 AM: Jeepney ride to Bugnay
                    We are lucky to catch a jeepney that will go up to the village so we don't pay dor the habal-habal/motorcyle ride going up to the jump off before the trekking starts
                    Fare: Php 200.
                     FYI: There is an earlier trip to Bontoc which depart at around 7:30AM, then at Bugnay you have to rent a habal habal/motorcycle to climb up to the mountain. Bust fare is Php 150 and another Php for the motorcycle ride.

12:30 PM: Arrive at the jump off and trekking starts

 1:15 PM: Arrive at the village.
                  FYI: It depends on the number of queue inline on what time you are going to be entertained by Apo Whang-Od.

Saturday October 25:

6:00 AM: Wake up and prepare for another long journey, this time, coming back to Manila
                  FYI: Wake up early, go out and take a walk around. Take pictures around the village while the sun rises.

8:30AM: Trek back to the jump off point.

9:15AM: Jeepney ride to Bontoc
                FYI: You can see a lot of beautiful sceneries of mountain province while at the top of the jeep. But please take care and be alert. Also, it will going to be a pain in the ass, literaly, but rewarding.
                 FARE: Php 100

10:30AM: Arrive at Bontoc.

12:00 Noon: We took a bus to Baguio (Rising Star Bus)
               FYI: You have an option to ride a GL Bus which leaves at 1:00 PM.
                Fare: Php 176.00

6:00PM: Arrive in Baguio City.
                We are rushing to catch a earliest trip to Manila, but the available trips are from 11:30PM onwards which is not an option for me since I have to be in Manila by 2:00 AM. We are lucky enough that someone offered a van ride to Manila so the 6 of us leaves Baguio City at around 7:30PM and arrives at Manila earlier than I expected.
                Fare: Php 550.

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